makeup-LESS Monday


Glitz and Glamour seems to be nestled at the top of every Y Woman’s agenda… we know that doesn’t necessarily mean high fashion couture, but we do what we can, within our power, to spruce up our look! Fabulously fashionable, inexpensive options are everywhere for Y women, from Forever 21 to Target… these retailers are so accessible, that you can pick up any fashion accessory from clothes and shoes, to makeup and jewelry for a bargain!

The problem with all of this “glamour” is that, we end up wearing A LOT of makeup, and whether it is a simpler pharmacy grade formula or from a fancy shmancy department store brand, any chemical product packed on your face for an extended period of time, will eventually clog your pores!

I myself am a HUGE fan of going makeup-less on certain days of the week, especially on Monday’s after a weekend full of fun, where we may have indulged in a cocktail or two! It’s simple, everyone’s skin needs a reboot, so why not indulge yourself in a ‘makeup-LESS Monday’, and allow your skin to take a deep breath of fresh air and cleanse itself.

The layers of our skin are fragile and they need tender love and care, just like everything else in the circle of life; My theory is, if you feed your skin healthy nutrients, flush it out with tons of liquid (like water/green tea) and treat it to a routine of a good ol’ fashioned daily maintenance regiment… you should be good to go!

A perfect Makeup-less Monday will also include some rebooting skin tricks, here are L’s…

L’s Top 5 Skin Reboot Tricks:

1. Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids to cleanse your system and flush out the toxins. I am a fan of water with lemon, both cold and hot, and plenty of Green Tea (it’s a natural diarrhetic, so it will definitely do the trick!)

2. Cleanse The Face: Always wash your face with a simple cleanser, whether you have just removed your makeup or not! Personally, I use the SKN Beverly Hills Oxygen Rich Facial Soap; it’s the perfect simple solution to naturally cleansing your face, all the while fusing it with an extra dose of Oxygen.

3. Scrubin’ Ur Face: Although it seems like we can scrub our own faces, the tools on the market available to consumers, do the trick WAY better! I luv my Clarasonic, BUT…  you MUST remember to switch out your brush head! Bacteria grows over time and even if you follow proper cleaning protocol, you should be swapping out your brush head just about every 3 Months to prevent skin irritation!

4. Avoid DAIRY: Yes, Yes, Yes I know you love your cheesy pizza and Non- Fat Vanilla Latte… But if you are trying to clear your skin, you must free your system from the cow! It’s incredible how dairy fat can aide in irritating certain young women’s skin… at least give it a shot for one week and see how you feel!

5. Primer: Always Prime! The best way to avoid makeup irritating your skin after multiple applications, is by always applying primer first… Y? Well before you apply your foundation that thin layer of primer will protect your skin from absorbing the chemicals in the makeup that will clog your pores!