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At ‘The Y Life’ we want to Thank each and every one of our readers for supporting our journey day- in and day- out. 

For over two years now, it’s been such a pleasure for us to write stories, which have hopefully had an inspirational affect on the lives of Millennial women and women who are simply touched by our Millennial outreach. 

We want to Thank you for coming along and experiencing life through our Y eyes; we are looking forward to the years to come, where we will be blessed to share with you every new chapter G & L experience and hence we will grow together! 

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Our mission still stands clear… ‘We question. We choose a healthier way of life and we choose to live in our world our way. We are breaking  the norms and are quickly changing the world to be a “Y” world.’

Y should you care? Y we don’t have a choice…Y’s Are The Future!

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