Beauty, Is In The Moment…

Oh What A Day It’s Been! 

One of the most precious gifts in life is realizing the beauty in life’s most minuscule of moments.

Appreciation is a heavy handed responsibility, a fact we mentioned on Mother’s Day, greatly because it is without mention that those are the most treasured clues life gives you, in order to achieve happiness.

I spent part of my afternoon walking along the High Line in The Meatpacking District, the area also known as Chelsea.

The city gives you the option to walk through the intense streets and use the stress and hustle to better yourself, or take the moments to consume the excitement perfectly blended with fear and new beginnings, for which New York has an infamous repertoire!

Here is my YTip for each and every one of you..Learn to LOVE someone with all your heart and LUV to learn about the world around you… Pause and take a moment to breathe in the air, whether it’s mountain fresh or NYC dirty laundry… Activate your senses, allowing them to make you better.

Spotted… Cherry Blossoms in Chelsea! What could be better?

My final point of guidance … Always remind yourself to breathe in the beauty of the moment, in the good times and the bad.