4 Gosh Sakes, Can I Just Win A Date with Prince Harry?

Have you ever just sat and wondered… What’s taking so long?! Wasn’t my Prince supposed to be here already?!

You Are NOT Alone!

It seems many 20 something Y’s and many of those 30 something’s who are still floating in the pond of Luv are wondering the exact same thing! We find ourselves in the following dilemma… Career Or Cuddles; Masters Or Man; Brides n’ Babes Or Bloomies n’ Boutin’s!

My work best friend T and I were pondering upon this pickle over a perfect Manhattan Sushi Night this week, and we thought, if we are going through this, so must be every other girl in our shoes, whose spent her early 20s concentrating on her career instead of her couples status!

Let’s face it, we have approached upon that prime age, when we meet the guys who seem peeeeerfect on paper… they charm us, treat us to dinners at chic restaurants with more than $$$ exclaims T, and yet…

After a wondrous night of fabulous conversation, we get a HUG???? They default on the dutiful next day follow-up text and THEN they have the gull to  suggest how much they enjoy our “Friendship” on social media?! REALLY?

I mean how many frogs do we have to kiss, before we find our prince?! 

After 3 cups of Japanese Green Tea engrossed in some dutiful dating horror stories, a night of endless tossing and turning and a pre- dawn, crisp and dewy walk through THE City… I plop down at my desk next to T’s… just to be wrapped into the trending 5 AM headlines… ‘England’s Prince Harry has just announced he’s ready to groom!’

Say WHAT?!?!

In a slight burst of exaltation, and a tall soy cap, we both look at each other and start plotting how the heck two American Girls, one born to Chinese immigrants and the other to Cuban immigrants could ever pull off becoming a real 21st century PRINCESS!

But could this be true… The world’s most eligible bachelor has put out an APB, for which he seeks his Cinderella?

“It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure…” Declared Prince of Harry in an exclusive interview with Sky News this week.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! 
Well Hellooooo Harry! He went onto explain how he would love to have kids right now … REALLY?! A guy not running away from a girl who equates to commitment, who is cute and charming, already seemed to have gone through his ‘bad boy‘ phase and is committed to family and being a dutiful son to a whole COUNTRY?

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me?!

Oh right, but there is that one little peculiar thorn in our side… He’s a Prince!

That’s it then, there is only one Royal Resolution…

Winning A Date With Prince Harry!

Royal UPDATES Pending…