Y Wine & ‘Wild Tales’

Accompanied by my girlfriends and a glass of wine, we sat down for an Almodovar flick but this time it came straight from Buenos Aires. 

Wild tales. We all have at least one in some form or another but this flick named appropriately ‘Wild Tales’ takes you to some extreme situations and what those in it would do. 

From road rage gone awry to a wildy inappropriate wedding, this flick will have you hanging at the edge of your seat. 

Not because of suspense but because Almodovar lures you into the story and each character, as you ache and tell them don’t do that or “oh god.” 

The short story format of the flick doesn’t even let you get bored with each story amounting to a crazier one.

So, for those looking for a “wine” down  night, check out ‘Wild Tales’ at your local art cinema or simply a theatre that plays foreign flicks. 

After the movie, you may find yourself asking what you would have done in each situation.