International Firefighters Day

 Firefighters dedicate their lives to our protection, by risking their own. 

This ultimate sacrifice of a firefighter and any service member, for that matter, must be acknowledged by our constant gratitude being exhibited towards their hard work and dedication. 

International Firefighters’ Day is a moment where the international community can honor the sacrifices that firefighters make to keep us safe and we can thank them. 

How can you thank firefighters, you ask? Simply put… Say THANK YOU! They appreciate it and will be touched by your kindness. 

Observed every 4th of May and- the first Sunday of May- which is noted every year with a moment of silence to reflect on the lives of firefighters, by sounding off fire sirens for 30 seconds… Then a moment of silence follows in memory and respect of firefighters who have been lost. 

Did U Know? Saint Florian is the patron saint of Firefighters… This is a symbolic element Fire Fighters Day.

St. Florian a patron from Noricum, Rome in three hundred A.D., is said to have been one of the first commanding fire fighters, who saved an entire village engulfed in flames with just a single bucket of water. 

St.Florian is known as the protector of those who have come in danger of fire with their dedication and bravery in their helm.