Protect Your Magic

This past week many of us were enthralled by the Kardashian/ Jenner clan once again, when Bruce Jenner appeared in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer to reveal his/her truth. In Bruce’s case he revealed to the world his soul was that of a female and in order to protect his truth was sharing his transgender journey not only in that prime time interview, but with his new E! Docu- series chronologically detailing his/her transition.

This interview helped put the world into perspective for many people, they route this theory to the fact that everyone should have the opportunity to feel safe to be who they are.

Shining one’s magic is vital to discovering one’s truth, and being able to live to your utmost potential hangs in the bounds; you have the confidence and belief deep in yourself   to shine your magic upon the world around you, but ONLY if you believe in the power of your truth.

Truth comes in all shapes and sizes… you see, that is the thing about magic, it is fueled by the truth of human intuition! You have to be able to guard and protect your magic in order to find your truth.

Those tables will turn when we have children, then it will be our duty to help those little bright futures find their magic, from with which to shine. But before we can get ahead of ourselves, we must ensure our magic has been protected and free enough to shine it’s truth!

Bruce Jenner didn’t have this chance till later on in his life, but as Millennial’s, we were raised in a world where shining your truth is the ONLY truth that exists!

So protect your magic and let it shine!