Pray 4 Nepal

Our thoughts and prayers tonight are in loving memory of all the lives lost in the Nepal.

The worst quake to hit the Himalayan nation in nearly a century caused a high number of deaths, injuries, and an avalanche on Mount Everest.

With an estimated 2,200 deaths… “The United States Geological Survey said the tremor registered an initial 6.7 magnitude — compared with the day earlier’s 7.8 magnitude quake…” According to NBC News. 

Aid is now of most urgent need– in fact, nations across the international platform have already pledged to send their support to devastated nation.

The U.S. Started off by pledging $1 million dollars in humanitarian aid and one of our U.S. urban search and rescue teams known as Virginia Task Force 1 is expected to arrive Sunday morning to help, the European Union followed with an international aid effort, Pakistan is sending doctors and rescue teams,  China is sending a 62-member search and rescue team.

Moments of despair in the world is the time to put away our differences and bind together to help humanity understand and deal with the unknown. 

It is our responsibly as a leader on the world stage to create a disaster response that will help our brothers and sisters in Nepal know they are not alone.