5 Favorite Things.. Y LA!

Happy Saturday Y Lifer’s!

So if you are inspired by the Palm Dessert music festivities and planning a little rendezvous to the West Coast this Summer… We thought what would be better than a quick guide to 5 of our favorite The Y Life notes about LA…

1. Teru Sushi on Ventura Boulevard…

This may sound crazy, but this small jem on the cusp of the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood is nestled right at the bottom of Laurel Canyon. Teru has some of the BEST sushi in LA! Every time I visit, I have to work it into my schedule, because the Spicy Tuna is always perfect and they cater to Food Allergies! They always have GF soy sauce at the ready and they fry in Soy Bean & Veggie Oil, steering clear of those Peanuts!

The decor is pretty cool too, keeping to an ocean theme, you feel as though you are dining on a wooden boat and if you get their during Happy Hour, not only will your tummy be quite pleased, but so will your Y wallet!

2. Flowers! Boy, there is nothing more beautiful than when the roses in California are in bloom! So take a moment to breathe in the beauty blooming around you on your visit!


3.  Jerry’s Deli

Yelp Jerry’s the second you land at LAX and find the nearest one to your hotel! Y? Not only are they open 24/7, which comes in very handy after those long nights… But they too cater to allergies! GF bread is always available and their wide array of menu selections are sure to please everyone in your party!

From Tacos to Pizza and Deli Favorites to some of my favorite Curly Fries on earth… Jerry’s is ALWAYS a safe bet!

4. Aroma Cafe.. Located at 4360 Tuhunga Ave, Aroma is in the heart of Studio City! The Coffee and Tea Company invites you to indulge in the intimacy of dining in their  garden patios or you can have some fireside dining and enjoy fresh and delicious meals and baked goods from their kitchen. Yes, the fresh pastries from their bakery are to die for, the cookies are the size of my hand! The crafted coffees or teas are also a perfect compliment to the cool LA weather, that will fall upon your evening treats!

For over 20 years Aroma has been committed to sourcing local ingredients from premium vendors and takes pride in bringing visitors the very best!


5. In-n-Out Burger.. It’s simply a must! Not only are their fresh French Fries amazing, they are fried in Veggie Oil, making them safe for those of us with Nut allergies… And their milkshakes are pretty darn amazing too!

If you’re trying to scale back onto the healthier side, try any of their Burgers Protein Style (Sans the Bread)! Not only, does it cut the calories, but by adding more lettuce, you are making sure your body is working with those leafy greens!

In-n-Out’s are located all along the West Coast corridor, so you will have no problem finding them to be your first and last stop on your trip!



One thing nobody likes about LA, is the Traffic! So beware and be prepared! Patience and car snacks are a MUST