What’s 4 Breakfast?

 One of the menacing things that comes with TGIF is the insurmountable breakfast choices that will spring before you throughout the weekend!

Whether you are an Oatmeal girl, a Fruit Bowl Lady or just a simple Buttered Toast kinda gal… The choices will bewilder you if you are not careful; in fact, eventually they will consume your waistline the way they do your Pinterest Boards!

One of the most difficult situations is having to meet friends out for breakfast or brunch… Everyone starts ordering French Toast and Pancakes and the thought of sticking to Plain tasting Oatmeal and Fruit is dulled into oblivion, by the sweet temptation of warmed maple syrup, or tangy blueberry preserve over a warm buttermilk biscuit and a side of freshly seared country ham! So I started to process a better form of breakfast reform for all of our Ygals!

As we approach Summertime more and more of these situations will present themselves, and although cheating is fun every once and a while- balance is key! Everyone should formulate a Summer Health Plan, which will not only get you into that beach body, but will keep you slim, trim and healthy throughout the entire season!

Y Key to Brunch: Stick to your health plan, & the Calories WIll NOT Stick!

You must be devoted to your health plan, what I mean by devotion is WILL POWER... If you want to be at your best both physically and emotionally you will have to eat healthy, treat yourself every now and again AND maintain a weeping dose of WILL POWER in your mental arsenal. By saying NO! to certain temptations, you will find yourself exalted to the treats you are able to say yes to! 

Y Cheat Tip: Instead of 100% Cheating… Take a bite-sized sample to quench your desire, it will keep you satisfied without falling of the wagon!

Y B Wiser? One Easy As 1-2-3 solution would be to substitute your Morning OJ with some Hot Green Tea, the natural remedies will prevent you from retaining water and since it’s less high in caloric sugar intake, you may have a lil’ more wiggle room for a bite of a Treat!