Remedying Anxiety The Natural Way

So it’s normal to deal with daily stress, but sometimes it might be a little too much even. Everyone has been here at one point or another and it’s fine to admit to it and help yourself a bit.

For those times, you can opt for getting treatment with pills or naturally but if you think you can, opt for natural remedies that may not have such hefty side effects. Here are just a few options:


This is used to treat moderate to severe anxiety and has some major research behind it. It’s been used to treat stress, insomnia. anxiety  and even helps ease anxious thoughts. The best way, in my experience, to take this is by drinking it as a tea. It will calm you down; however, it will not put you to sleep.


This can be used if you have mild to moderate anxiety. It’s similar to Kava but is more used for healthier sleep.  You can take this as pills or drops. The drops may be the best option since it’s more of a controlled dose that won’t make you feel sleepy.

St. John’s Wort
This is used more for helping with depression and mood swings brought on by stress and anxiety. In some cases, it has been considered to be as strong as some prescription drugs. Although it may help depression, it does not treat severe depression.
Valerian Root
If stress has got you down and unable to rest properly, try Valerian root for a good night’s sleep.  This is typically used as a sleep aid so it does not have to be used when your anxious or stressed. It can just be used when you are restless too.
These are a just a few option to help treat some of life’s anxious or stressful moments but in the end, if you feel like these may not bee working, talk to your doctor. While natural remedies may be able to help some things, they have their limits and sometimes more is needed. The important thing is to keep going, try to stay calm and put one foot in front of the other, always moving forward.