Shows To Watch For a Pick-Me-Up

While it’s only the beginning of the week, sometimes it could have been a hard day or a time, and a pick-me-up may be needed. 

For those difficult moments or simply for some relaxing time, opt for some shows that will help you get your happy on.


Whether you’re looking for some silly humor or some drama, this show has it all with a crazy group of friends who go through life together, helping each other out along the way. 


 Sooo funny. The show takes place mostly In a Nantucket airport with the two main characters owning one of the lines who are also brothers. They are also total opposites which can cause some funny situations.  Throw in a crazy old woman, a foreign taxi driver, a plump competitor, and a unique repairman among others and you’ve got yourself something to laugh about. 


Consider this a throwback but it’s so timeless! This is like the godfather of comedy shows. No description needed and “no soup for you!” It makes daily life seem hilarious. 

Arrested Development 

This show was so good, it’s aired on two media platforms. It used to be on HBO but then Netflix picked it up for a season years after its last episode. The show revolves around a family that includes a babies brother, a magician brother, a superficial sister, a sleepy husband and a plotting housewife and their only sane son who is also their savior. The show starts off with the family under investigation and the father getting hauled off to jail. Meantime, the sister’s husband is dressed like a pirate on a nearby ship. Weird I know but definitely worth the watch. 

30 Rock 

This show out Tina Fey on the map and really has great, dry humor. The show follows around producer Liz Lemon who’s as wacky her name. but there are others who are even crazier than her in the show.