Y’s R Raving Royals

 E! Revs Up on Royals & Y’s are Raving!

The new hit, is turning a scripted page for the E! Network, known for their extensive reality catalogue is E’s first scripted show created by Mark Schwahn; the network from parent company NBCUniversal is efforting to make it’s mark using the talents of British and American stars upon the majestic allure of the throne.

Fame and fortune is garnering our miniscule millennial attention span, in the same fashion for which The Windsor Family has touched our lives for centuries. Our formidable years were spent maturing alongside the throne… Alright maybe William and Harry weren’t exactly growing up next door, but their Royal lives, virtues and mistakes made headlines as the Millennial duo warmed their way into our world. Let’s face it globalization made us feel as though we were guests at the royal wedding, Prince George’s birth and on that crazy Vegas road trip with Harry!

Set in a 2015 London landscape ‘The Royals’ goes inside a regal world where the Monarchy is composed of England’s fictional modern-day Queen Helena from the classic Elizabeth Hurley, her King Simon played by actor Vincent Regan, Princess Eleanor and Princess Liam played by Alexandra Park and William Mosley respectively. 

After her first born is killed while serving in the armed forces, the Queen is faced by a regal reality… that her family is a royal mess! As Hurley makes every Queen-esquire attempt to shapen up her families behavior… She is forced by her King to realize she might be too little, too late! 

Her drug addicted Princess and her Prince (now King to be) are not just fraternizing with “commoners”, but have become more of a hazard to the monarchy than an asset! The drama steeps in all of the regal opulence of the British Monarchy like a good, strong pot of English Breakfast! 

This Majestic paradigm meets at the juncture of tradition, the cruelty of fame and fortune and the vulnerabilities of Royalty! 

“Every family has its problems, ours is ruling a kingdom!” -Queen Helena

P.S… To much anticipation of this fictional family drama… On January 15, 2015 E! announced, ‘The Royals’ series had been renewed for a second season, two months before it even debut! Soooo….

Don’t Miss It… Tonight at 10 PM on E!