Spring In The New Season W/A Clean Slate

Spring in this new season with a clean slate in all aspect of your life. 

You clean your home so why not do some spring cleaning on everyhing else.  

What parts of your life? Check it out below. 

TLC For You 

First start off with giving yourself some TLC while also doing some internal spring cleaning.  Ask yourself what you want out of life at this new juncture. Are you acting in a way that helps you live the life you want?  What is making you happy? Change things that are postive for you this new season. 

Relationship Reflection 

Once you’ve done some internal work, look at the person next to you or the person you have some sort of a relationship with. Is this person good for you in the long run? Is this person an addition to your life?  


Is your career or job helping you grow?        Are you doing the best you can at work? If not, what can you change? Work at it this season. 

The Typical Spring Cleaning 

The last is the obvious physical spring cleaning. Take out those cleaning supplies and go at it. Throw out things you don’t use and create a great space for yourself for Spring.