Spring has Sprung my Sniffles!

Yes, yes we are all aware that one of the loveliest attributes of Spring is the lovely blossoming of flowers bursting buoyant hues of blues, purples and green… Scenting our sidewalks with lovely aromas of that like costly French perfume… And cursing our sinuses with ardent puffs of pollen!

Nothing could be worse than the curse of a sinus infection, the fog of allergies or the peeving annoyance that totes along with those dreadful sniffles… But when Winter has seen it’s last flurry and the trees, grass and flowers are filled with cabin fever and ready for blooming… there is only one thing I can guarantee… somehow, someway allergies will come upon you!

If you happen to succumb to allergies this Spring, here are a few of my favorite go- to anti-allergy functionalities that will help you get through your day-2-day life with allergies in toe.

6 Tips to Combating the Combustible Curse of Allergies:

1. Hot Water W/ Lemon… Drink a cup in the morning and throughout the day to boost your levels of Vitamin C — ensuring your allergies don’t turn into a flu is step #1– If your immunology is already under the weather, make sure to boost it every which way!

2. Vaseline… With allergies you must ALWAYS remember #SSS, Sniffles – Strip – Skin! So you must prevent the irritation and loss of skin, and the perfect way to do such is by rubbing a nice lather across the stressed skin area! Vaseline works wonders and will help the healing processes.

3. Ice Packs… Allergies equate to Sinus Headaches! Here is a Y Sinus Tip: Lay Down in a dark room and place a bag of ice wrapped in a small bath towel across your forehead and eyes! I promise there is nothing like Pure COLD to freeze your head- aches good- bye!

4. Long Showers… Are a life- saver! The steam from a WARM shower moistens the sinus pressure and will help you release the built-up germs, make sure you take at least 2 showers per day!

5. Avoid MILK… You see milk builds on that mucus and creates a breeding habitat for even higher levels of mucus! Avoid all things DAIRY– NO Milk, Cheese, Yogurt and Ice Cream– so that your allergies can exit as swiftly as they entered!

6. Ocean Spray & Benadryl … Doctor recommended nasal spray and anti-allergy over-the-counter meds known as antihistamine can be purchased at any 24- hour drug store and will help you recover, I promise! Y Tip: I personally prefer the Children’s Grape Liquid Benadryl, I find it to be quicker acting and healing on the body!

So while we are excited in our anxious anticipation for Friday’s Spring Bloom… Begin to prepare yourself for your health complications that will come in toe with the beauty of the blossoms!