Best DIY Products For Spring Cleaning 

In the process of decluttering your house just in time for the new season, cleaning is key.

But also what you clean with is also important. For those who are against cleaning with items that may be full of chemicals,  there are other, more natural options for cleaning products without it cutting into your budget. 

Here are some items you may already have that are great for cleaning around the house.

White Vinegar 

I cannot stress how important it is to have this in your house. It’s cheap and versatile.  You can use it for cleaning counter tops to cleaning your bathroom to windows and mirrors. This is a must. 

Baking Soda 

While it may not be the most natural option, it is the lesser of the evils and it’s cheap. This is great for cleaning places like your bathroom where there also might be some smell. You can use it as a paste to clean tiles and wipe away yucky scum. When it comes to other rooms in the house, it’s great to put in the fridge to absorb weird smells. 

Essential Oils 

This is a technique I use i my own home. Pop in a wet cleaning rag into your microwave for about two minutes. Once you see it steaming, take it out carefully and dab your favorite essential oil on it. Then use the steaming rag to clean off dust and even use it to mop up the floor. Your house will not only have a great smell but the steaming cloth will help pick up dust and lift out dirt better. Lavender essential oil is great for this since it has antibacterial properties.