Springin’ Up Sunshine

Snapshot 2015-03-16 23-04-25

As we prepare to put a Spring in our step and welcome in some Sunshine and Tulips on Friday, The Y Life will devote parts of this week to celebrating and reveling in all things SPRING!

No matter what Spring means to you, whether that be… better cleaning remedies, baking quaint quiches and cakes, doting appropriately fashioned pastels, remedies to cure those petty pollen sniffles, beginning the journey of a beautiful new book, better eats for a beach body and or jus’ Singing In The Rain … The Y Life promises to be your best resource into everything and anything SPRING!

This weekend I devoted my slumbering Sunday into a day of cleaning, re-organizing and tiding up the rampant piles of mess and mush of clothes that surrounded my room; almost as if they were precious little sand dunes of cleaners pending cardigans and silken’ cami’s eagerly awaiting to be steamed and strewn across me.

So I decided to come up with 5 Tips and Tricks to the Tiding Up Trade, which will help any Millennial turn to SPRING cleaning as a form of cleansing! You see, by cleaning up the space in which you sleep and spend your down time, you are allotting your spirit the freedom to feel clear in its’ midst, clutter will only clout your spirit making you feel trapped, which leads to negative emotions and baggage no one needs during this blooming SPRING season.  

5 Tips and Tricks to the Tiding- Up Trade:

1. Fold … It’s the pits, trust me I know! I organize folded piles by styles, i.e. long sleeve drawer blouses, short sleeve silks for hangers, jeans and sweats… Then move onto step #2 and put away the piles!

2. Dry Clean … Instead of worrying about the high cost of Dry Cleaning when you leave too many clothes in the Cleaners dune… take 2 to 3 pieces every week, as not to rack up the cost!

3. Dispose the Drawers … It’s jus’ about that time of year to shuffle through your undies, dispose of the over-washed and over-used! Then head over to your favorite lingerie department and snag up some new snugs!

4. Good Will … Towards men…… So make sure to take all of your well-kept clothes and donate them to your favorite charity! Don’t forget to grab a receipt and file it neatly away for next years taxe’s!

5. Organizing Oldies … Those pesky little receipts you keep nicely nestled in a giant zip- lock baggie under your bed, or the ones that are overflowing your wallet… Well those little creatures, the ones that remind you, you need to be wiser with your working pennies need to be organized too! So start making little piles, grab some bobby pins and start plotting month to month and day to day neat piles of receipts!

Remember SPRING Cleaning is about much more than just your clothing dunes– it is also about making sure your life is neatly organized so that you can head off into the rest of this year with new promise for success!