Ways To Wind Down Your Week

If you stayed in after work, chances are you needed a wind down night from a hectic week.

By this time you may getting bored of hanging out at the house but fear not, there are other ways to stay entertained other than sitting in front of the tv.

So here are your other options:

1. Catch up on a good book.
2. Make it a productive night and clean up a bit or organize.
3. Grab a glass of wine and turn on your favorite flick.
4. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up.
5. Invite friends over for some wine and late night treats.
6. Make another attempt at meditation.
7. Catch up on much needed sleep.
8. Get rid of items in your closet you don’t use.
9. Opt to put some attention of beauty like your nails or a face mask.
10. Opt for cooking yourself a delicious treat.