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Today I decided to join the #DearME Campaign on YouTube… Click on the Link ^above to watch!

YouTube started a campaign with some of their famous YouTube Channel faces, giving advice to their younger selves, I thought I would join with our own lil @TheYLife spin on my own inspired anti- bullying and self-worth life experiences, such as the rhetoric circulating the news cycle this week.

As a society we seemingly give more importance to #bullying post- tragedy, but finally we are taking steps to address the issue at its root cause. The epicenter of bullying is intolerance for differences… we weren’t all made the same. Some people are blessed with being very tall, others very small, some have BIG features, from noses to ears and weight– we are all different for a reason, and let’s face it- we ALL have something!

I mean, could you just imagine how downright boring life would be if we were all the same?!

#DearMe… L’s Thoughts 2 L…

What a long road it has been to find yourself …

Try to ignore the people that make you feel inferior… You will take all the necessary steps to measure up to the person people want you to be, that 15 Year- Old girl who was so vulnerable and hopeless, who spent her days worried sick about not being pretty or skinny enough, will forever be tucked inside your soul. So don’t be afraid of losing her truth.

By 25, you will have a few scars on your heart, only one of them will forever hurt.

Somehow having that thick, yet malleable skin will be your most comforting hiding place.

Have Faith…

You will have a Best Friend or 2 or 3… who will mold into your sisters…

They will also be your forever n’ ever, no matter what Soul Mates…

You live to DREAM, and will always see your life through the lens of scenes playing out before you.

Your moral compass will ALWAYS guide your right, don’t deviate and always stand guard of that truth.

When people bully you, you will learn to stand up to them, with respect. You are the BIGGER person.

Set yourself free and don’t be afraid to walk alone, by always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes — it is your Best quality and your Biggest fault.

You will ALWAYS have difficulty letting your guard down and trusting people, it is just who you are.

Be Amazing, Be U!