87th Annual Academy Awards


This week on The Y Life, we are shinning our light on DREAMS… Y Dreams sparkle, where they come from, what they mean and how important it is to have them and hold them close to your heart!

The golden jitter bugs are fluttering away in Hollywood this afternoon and they are starting off our DREAM week, as in just a few moments The 87th Annual Academy Awards will take to honoring the best performances in films from 2014!

For those movie buffs around the globe, The Oscars, are more than just a celebrity runway compassing fashion trends for 2015… The Oscars represent the acknowledgement of the craft of acting, which resembles the purest form of distraction in a world so filled with pure evil.

This evening of glitz and glamour will be hosted by the ever fabulous Neil Patrick Harris, and will bring the likes of Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Evans and Margot Robbie as award presenters. If that wasn’t enough our ears will also be musically inspired with performances by Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Hudson and six- time Grammy Award Winner Lady Gaga!

Patricia Arquette’s coveted twelve year commitment to ‘Boyhood‘ is nudging her in the Best Supporting Actress category… But that Best Actor category is a close race with Michael Keaton for ‘Birdman’, Eddie Redmayne in ‘The Theory of Everything‘ and Bradley Cooper ‘American Sniper‘ as quite the trio racing for the finish line and that Oscar Prize!

So our Y hopes for you tonight are… that you take every moment during those award speeches to be inspired by the DREAMS those actors have dreamed and the chances they have taken to pursue those DREAMS!