Staying In Saturday

Had a tough week or a tough Friday night?

Stay in! Better yet, grab a glass of wine, put on your comfy pants and turn on Netflix.

It’s okay to stay in every once in a while!

So if the wine and Netflix option doesn’t appeal to you, here are some great staying in options:

Friends Night In
Call up your friends and recruit them to have a night in with you! You guys can watch a movie together or have an old fashioned game night! The best part is you guys can all wear sweatpants!

Do You
If you’ve been feeling stretched thin, opt to just make it a night all about you. Pamper yourself or simply sleep. Just do what makes you happy.

Catch Up
You know that stuff you’ve been putting off. Well, here is your chance to do it! Whether its organizing or simply looking through old items, make the night a productive one.

Try Something New
Have you always wanted to dabble in sketching or learn about a certain topic? Think of something you have never tried before and give it a whirl.