TGI… Lettuce?


We know the Y Brains are in that TGIF mode, but we have to take this Friday night to remind you that Summer is just around the corner and that beach ready body will not be putting itself into tip top shape!

I know it doesn’t seem like we will ever be unwrapping ourselves from the layers of scarves, P’s, downs and knits… Especially when the Siberian Express is still pushing its intensely frozen lows across the nation.

Here are Y Life Tips to help you go from Winter drab to to Summer Fab…

Serving Sizes…

Women ages 19-30: 2 cups Fruits + 2 1/2 cups Veggies Daily!

Men ages 19-50: 2 cups Fruits + 3 cups Veggies = 5 cups TOTAL Daily!


Four or five cups of fruits and veggies might seem a bit overwhelming… But here’s the trick, if there’s no color on your plate, #RETHINK it! Swap out chips for colorful bursts of nutrients.

Diets rich in plant-based foods not only tend to lower risk of chronic diseases, but this reduction in calories and uptake in fiber, will help you burn more and gain LESS!

Whole Grain Goodness…
Make sure your heart and hips are staying trim! Replace your pizza night with porridge night! Oatmeal with fresh fruits, I.e. Blueberries, Peaches and Bananas are perfect for Porridge.

The trick is to balance your life and use the fatty, greasy and sweat treats as once in a blue moon cheats!

Cranberry Me…
By adding DIET Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice to my diet the past few weeks I have been helping to detoxify my insides! Cranberry Juice is a natural diuretic, which helps your body abstain from retaining water; here is the kicker, it doesn’t deplete the body of the potassium it needs, which many medical diuretic do!
I drink 1/4 Cup of Diet Cranberry Juice
Mixed with 3/4 Cup of Water, Cold
Every few hours and I’m feeling A LOT better, you should try it too!

Have fun being healthy this Y Weeken’