R House Is Your House

After a week full of Valentine’s day chocolates and sweets, it’s nice to slow it down with a glass of wine and a delicious meal.

That’s when R House steps in and is ready to make you feel right at home with some delicious dishes.

Step into their restaurant which also serves up a feast for the eyes and ears.

Various artworks are exhibited inside the place while different genres keep you in the beat.

Soak in the ambiance!

So eyes fed… Check … Earful … Check … now lets move on to the palette.

For starters, opt for the sesame shrimp and chicken salad with bok choy, nappa cabbage and crispy tortillas with sesame vinaigrette. Once you bite into it , you ‘ll taste the rich smoky flavor of the chicken and shrimp. That goes along great with the crunchy, zesty salad.

Next, more protein!

A favorite is the braised lamb shank with porcini mushroom-coriander-cinnamon rub, Israeli couscous, arugula pesto and glazed baby carrots. All this in a port wine reduction.

It is like nothing you may have tasted but it’s so delicious! In that first bite you taste the cinnamon then the rest of the taste of the rub develops as you chew.

If that doesn’t sound good you, opt for the grilled skirt steak with sweet chili glaze, wasabi mashed potato, broccolini and crispy leeks.

The portions are not huge and not small. It’s perfect and leaves you feeling just about full but with some wiggle room for dessert.

Speaking of sweets, you can’t leave without trying their chocolate truffe cake with salted walnuts at the bottom. It’s quite sweet but is balanced out by the crumbled, salted walnuts.

The whole meal will run you between $14 to $30 a dish so the experience doesn’t come cheap but is worth every dollar and bite!

Don’t forget to walk off your meal around the area and enjoy some of the great galleries nearby.


2727 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 576-0201