Valentine’s W/ A Drunken Dragon

For those who have had your Valentine’s reservations ready for a while, good for you !

For those who haven’t, join the club!

While trying to find reservations on Valentine’s Day at this point may not be the most successful, your best bet may be the day before.

This means you may want to celebrate it one day early!


Not only will you beat the rush but you will also avoid prefixed menus!

One way to spend it is at the hole in the wall, oh so awesome Drunken Dragon on Miami Beach. It’s Korean food on steroids!

As soon as you enter the dimly lit restaurant, you may notice this place looks like it belongs in East Village NYC not MIA.

For starters, nip at some popcorn made in truffle oil!

The menu is also packed with delicious and unique delicacies like their tuna tataki pizza, lobster rolls, buns and barbecued ribs with coconut!

The best part is it’s all dishes for sharing so whether it’s Valentine’s or “Galentine’s” you won’t be alone on this gastronomical journey!

For those celebrating today, Happy early Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love with some good food and good company!