Heating Things Up…


Just this week we shared some Gen Y Top Sex Regrets, because while some Y women have good memories of their deflowering, others are simply tainted with REGRET! It all comes in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and in that vein, we are going to take this regret for the ride of its life and revamp it with some revved up idears!

As G and I sat down to sketch this weeks articles, we thought Y not explore some of those revved up idears… Each and every one of these tricks of the revving up trade have to do with perfecting “IT”… You see, “IT” is that factor every perfect moment needs, when emotional excitement collides with the butterflies and suddenly flutters into fireworks!

Y Not Heat Things Up…

1. Kama Sutra “IT”: 

This ancient Indian Hindu text created between 400 BCE and 200 CE, is internationally known as the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature, but it’s not just a sex manual, as many may think… You see, it’s a guide to virtue and grace living within the natures of: love, family and of course those pleasure oriented highs of human life! We know Mr. Grey would approve Kama Sutra is the perfect guide on how to… show desire, embrace one another, caress and kiss… and then some of that revved up fun… nail markings, biting, unique positions, slapping and moaning and oral sex… all concluding in 64 types of sexual acts making up the game of love!

2. Cook “IT” Up:

Make sure to stop by the market and stock up on some secret treats that will steam up this V-Day weekend…  Grab a Pumpkin Pie to-go, put in the oven and when that aroma fills the air, Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Center says that sweet and spicy scent, will increase your Y man’s penile blood flow, who knew! Some other foods you might want to incorporate into your Valentine Menu, include: Oysters, Nuts, Peaches, Figs and Chocolates (all known to rev up the night)!

P.S. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid, similar to caffeine, which contains a chemical believed to produce the feeling of “being in love.”

3. Put “IT” Out There:

Whether this means picking out some new Sexy Lingerie, Sexting or snapping some Sexy Selfies… spicing “IT” up can be quite the strategic move when you are putting “IT” Out There with your love. I know some of us fear taking that leap of faith, because frankly anything that breaks our comfort zone seems too much to bear… but sometimes, that is exactly the opportunity we have to turn regret into a perfect moment!

4. Dress “IT” Up: 

RED Baby, RED! Whether it means slinking into that little red dress, polishing your nails in some ‘Thrill Of Brazil’ or simply accenting your outfit with a perfect pair of Red Souled Pumps… RED is as sexy in writing as it is in truth. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, where researchers found men were more attracted to ladies in who dared to wear RED. Y? It’s known as Cultural conditioning, which goes back to our original human primate instincts… you see, women go red in the face before ovulating (now we all know this is the most fertile time for females)… well your Y Man knows that, instinctively of course and you know the rest!

5. “IT” just means… BE YOU!