Ur 4Eva Valentine.


Today was a somber day, where as a nation The United States recoiled in its redemption of human emotion and sent prayers of sympathy to The Mueller Family of Arizona. The Mueller’s were informed of their daughters, Kayla Mueller’s passing this morning by the Extreme Islamist Organization known as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The league proclaimed confirmation of Kayla’s death to her parents.

Just the thought of losing of a Y woman, 26 years young, who was captured in Syria, while on a peacekeeping humanitarian mission… You see, she will never again have the opportunity to kiss her mama goodnight, to have her Dad walk her down the aisle and the chance to give her heart the wondrous opportunity of falling in LOVE!

As today’s news saddened my heart, I couldn’t help but thinking about all of the LOVE we have in our lives and how the most important Valentines are the 4Eva ones.

You were born into the world of two people who made the commitment to LOVE you through the good and bad, through the tough years and the grand milestones… They have chosen to support your every career choice and who you choose to fall in LOVE with!

MOST importantly their LOVE will never cease to hold guard in your life, what you choose to do with it is up to you… But, when you consider who will be your 4Ever Valentine, always remember the two folks who have vowed to never forsake their love for you!

Kayla will never have that chance again… to bake a pie with her mom or to watch a football game with her dad. Her forever people will forever hold her in their hearts… And so will your 4Ever’s… Just never forget that!