DIY Valentine Gifts

You’ve probably noticed the extra amount of red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes at various stores giving you that creeping feeling that Valentine’s day will be upon us soon.

While the typical box of chocolate or flowers are great, a more creative gift may hit your valentine’s heart a bit harder. It’s the thought that counts after all.

So, while they may not be the most complex DIY gifts, they come with a lot of thought and a lot of LOVE.

Homemade Card

Do you remember doing these when you were little for your dad or mom? Try making one for your valentine. Go to Michaels and get creative. You can opt for a traditional card or a wacky one. Take it as far as you want or make it as simple as you want. The point is no one will have the same card and it will have a beautiful message from you inside.

Photo Album 

Make your Valentine more visual with this simple do it yourself task. Print pictures from your best moments together then make it int a great album for a stroll down memory lane. Top it off with a note on the first page of the album. Its simple, thoughtful and a great piece of personal history.

Sweet Treats 

Make some sweet treats for your sweetie pie. If you show your love the best way through kitchen goodies then opt for that. You can make your Valentine brownies, cookies , a heart cake. Either way its a treat for the heart and for the stomach.


Say what? Make a booklet of coupons for IOUs. You can put items that all be cashed in by your significant other when they want. You can make tickets for things as a small as a hug to a get out of a fight free card. There is not limit on how little or how many you can make. It’s a great way to give them a bunch of things they love.