50 Shades of O-M-G


Disclaimer: Fan of the series.

As a fan of the series, who has been awaiting this Hollywood take on the Fifty Shades novel for the past 3 years, I am quite pleased to say that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson accomplished the embodiment both in mind and spirit, I had envisioned for Ana and Christian.

I approached my late evening theatre outing, which I celebrated with two of my Best Friends pictured above, with high hopes, but unfounded expectations… Every bone in my body was twitching with excitement, but I made sure to maintain perspective from an actors POV, budging on the parameters of fandom and soak in the film.

The love was real… the acting on Dakota’s behalf was sassier than Ms. Steele had been in the series, for that I applaud her, oh and for having the guts to put it all out there, literally… AND Christian encapsulated what it means to be ‘Fifty shades of F* up’ flawlessly! Battling demons is a fight worth fighting for, when a gift so precious as LOVE hangs in the balance… One of the tugging themes outlining and guiding the script.

This subtext strewn throughout the film, continues to question itself, by devaluating the only shade of truth Dornan’s character had ever known to be valid, through a simple messenger who tries to teach her boyfriend and the audience simultaneously, that LOVE really can conquer fear!

Happy Valentines Day!