De-Stressing Without The Gym

When you would rather do anything else but go to the gym to beat stress, you’re options may have to become a bit creative but they are still doable.

As YLifers, our crazy lives may not let us always fit our fitness time in, but when you’re lacking in time to de-stress there are some other creative ways to keep your cool.

Wine it down

Crazy day at work or a crazy week? Wind your week down with a glass of your favorite wine and some good company. Whether you have it at home or out with friends, the wine will help you destress. Just make sure not to overdo it with too many glasses of wine or you’ll be faced with a not so relaxing hangover the next day.

Make It A Movie Night

If you need a break from reality, opt for some movie time to help you relax. Whether it’s fantasy or romance or suspense, give your mind a chance to not think about the things that are stressing you out. The action of stepping away for a bit may even help you be more productive.


No other words needed. Chocolate, in some form of moderation, is delicious and if it makes you happy at a time when you’re stressed out then just enjoy it. Do not do this everyday though or you might have to start hitting the gym a bit harder.


Now, you’re probably wondering what you may do with a pillow when it comes to stress. This is not a typical suggestion but it has been known to help those under extreme amounts of pressure. Take a deep breath and just yell into the pillow. Let your emotions out with each yell. Obviously, do this at home, in private. It’s not the most typical way to beat stress but after that yelling, you will feel a bit better to have let it out.