A 5 letter word that corresponds to a lovely saying like the one that caught my eye today …

‘Always Believe Something Wonderful Is About To Happen.’

Always Believing is a powerful phrase, directly correlated to the word faith. You see, you can’t touch or taste belief, it’s something you can ONLY feel, wonder and dream of. Believing isn’t easy and frankly it’s not supposed to be.

One can choose to have Religious Faith, Faith in Love, Faith in the Humanity of the Human Spirit and Faith in Oneself; but, the one thing each and everyone of these Faith factions has, is that one must believe in their power in order for the FAITH to bloom itself into fruition.

So this is The Y Life’s #SundaySpiration … have faith in your journey and the reason for its juncture, and the road before you will be paved!

Good Night Y Dreamers!