Top Foods To Eat On The Run

Feel like you’re getting split in two or three or four? Don’t have time to stop and eat?  Well you have to at some point eat something to keep you fueled.

Even if it’s late you’ve got to give yourself and your body some nourishment.

As YLifers, some days can feel like there is not enough time, but there is always time needed to eat! So while you may not have time for a sit down meal, here are some quick treats that may work for your ever moving life.

1. Sushi or Hand Rolls  – It’s quick, mostly healthy and a good source for some energy. You also have a wide variety for various tastes.

2. Sub – It may take a bit to get made but at least you can have it made to your liking. It’s great food when you keep getting interupted because you can pop it in your purse and eat it when you can.

3. Protein Bar – Not the most delicious but in times of desperation these will keep you going and hold you over until you have time to eat again.

4. Protein Shake- In case you don’t like a protein bar, this is a great option. Obviously it does not fully replace a meal but it will at least keep you full and if you like add ons, you can even add an energy boost and vitamins.

5. Yogurt – It’s not the cleanest but you can pop one in your purse along with some fruit and this will help keep you energized through your the day.