Be More Efficient In 2015!

In an effort to get as much in for this year and do it well, we need to be efficient.

This is not just a you project, we here at The Y Life are making the same efforts to get in as much as we can this year as well as doing it in a good manner.  So join us this year in an effort to make things more efficient and make the best of 2015.

Here are some steps we’re taking to make sure to use all our minutes wisely while still enjoying the year.

Write It Down! 

What do you want to do this year?  Write it down. Make a list. By writing it down, you make it more real and you help yourself see things in a clearer manner. If you know what you want this year, it will help you act accordingly. Think about it, write it down and make sure your actions match what you want to accomplish.

Planning What You Can 

Whether it’s writing it down in a planner or using your iPhone or google calendar, try to plan what you can. Set up reminders so you have a plan on what to do and when. While the first task is goal oriented, this second task is about organizing your time which is priceless when it comes to accomplishing goals.

Daily Reminders 

That list you made with the stuff you want to do this year, hang it up in a place you see everyday so you will be constantly reminded. If you don’t want to hang a list, then hang up a quote that inspires you and helps give you a daily dose of inspiration.

 Surround Yourself With Motivators

You can obviously have your friends you normally hang around with but try to also have people around you who have similar goals or even people who challenge you. Those people will help motivate you and lift you to another level of efficiency. They may even help you view things differently and give you pointers.

So join us on this journey for 2015 and make the best of it. Good luck!