Remember Who U Wanted 2 Be…


Being born into a Hispanic family we not only celebrate Christmas, but also 3 Kings Day, known as ‘El Dia De Los Reyes Magos’. This celebration acknowledges the gift brought to Baby Jesus by the three wise men, with gifts brought to children. In my family Santa and the 3 Kings make their way under my tree… And this year, I just happened to get a perfectly poignant present, from my two wise parents… A canvas by famed inspirational artist Kelly Rae Roberts.

Y Wise? We have now fully turned the page on the first week of the New Year and as we look ahead onto a new page/ week… This is precisely the moment we risk becoming engulfed in the routine of life as we knew it last year, not having made any of those changes we had promised ourselves.

Lesson Learned: The key lies in allowing yourself to avoid complacency. Do this by making strides towards emancipating yourself from who the person society made you believe you had to become.

Life has the ability to surprise you with emotional roadblocks that can prevent us from moving towards success. Whether they be fears, flaws, faults or fabrications… They all make you feel like a failure.

Question to ask yourself is: If you sit back and look at your life… are YOU the person you wanted to be?

Ever since I could remember my two wise people have been constant advocates, of this message… follow your heart and give your dreams the power to guide your story. They have instilled in me even at 26 years old, that this should always be my default. Because, when given the opportunity to re-establish your future, your first step should be to marinate in the recipe of your past.

Now that is SundaySpiration on @TheYLife if I have ever seen it…

Do You Remember Who You Wanted To Be?