2015 Resolution Solutions

Whether it’s losing weight, finding balance, saving, etc. How many times have you actually completed your resolution?

According to Forbes, about 40 percent of Americans make resolutions but for all the good intentions, less than half  actually follow through.

Only 8% achieve those goals.

Does this sound familiar? Are you thinking of year’s past resolutions and trying to figure out if you actually completed them?

I am a culprit of this too BUT lets think about a resolution solution or solutions.

First off,  if you are going to set a resolution, set a deadline for yourself. You can even set a daily reminder on your phone to remember to do it.

Also, don’t overcomplicate yourself on doing some elaborate resolution. Keep it simple. If you complete that, then want to do more, you’re welcome to but keep it basic.

Keep motivating yourself to complete it. Think of that feeling of satisfaction and keep things that remind you to head in that direction.

Who knows, this may even help you start a new habit when it comes to working to reach your goals.

So while 2014 is coming to a close, we here at TheYLife wish you a new and happy 2015 with a great journey to complete your resolutions.