What Is Your Resolution?

10882255_10152975934892139_305097176794574249_n New Year’s Eve, Eve brings with it some wonderful magic… The beauty of the unknown thrill of what a new year will bring with it; a fresh start and new beginnings are such potent thoughts they thrill in theory.

As I started to ponder upon the possibilities a new year brings… I wondered what my Resolutions would be for 2015… What will I do differently? What Facets about my Choices can I Tweak? What do I want this Year?

One interesting thing I have discovered about myself this year is, I like COMPLICATED… I seek it out and try to create it when it doesn’t even exist and the situation was actually quite simple. For that reason freeing myself of strings and attachments is one of my resolutions for 2015. That is precisely why that slogan above, which I saw the other day meant so much to me…

“a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection, but BALANCE”

I realized I am THAT person, the one who strives to make every situation so perfect, maintain every relationship so flawless and without fault… I work until I burn myself out– striving to be absolutely ideal vision of perfect and that is precisely why I fall so perfectly short many a times! You see, realizing that not everything in life will work out perfectly, the way you plotted, that is part of the learning journey. It is when you realize this conception, that you start to physically and emotionally accept the truth that comes in the helms of BALANCE.

If you learn to let go from yourself and your purpose of perfection, you begin to find IT… Or so I am told!  This year, 2015, this is my goal… to find that BALANCE within myself. Now, I know that until I do that, I will never reach Perfection, but instead I will continue to meet life at the paradigm of an absolute underscore.