Don’t Forget 2 Say, Thank You!

imageDear YLifers,

Happy Sunday! As I write this note to you, I’m hoping you had a lovely Holiday filled with lots of Love, Happiness and yes LOTS of presents! (Because honestly what would the holidays be without some perfect trinkets you have been craving all year round?)

But we MUST remind ourselves… Along with being gifted material likings comes the responsibility of thanking those, who care enough about you, for going out of their way to think of you during the Holiday.

Yes Y’s… Some may say these are vintage and old fashioned ways of the world, but I have news for you saying Thank You is NEVER an antiquated practice! Thank You’s are basically small tokens of appreciation and acknowledgement for the LOVE someone has already shown to you; reciprocation is a duty no matter the value of the gift given. Even the simplest of gifts, i.e. cards, candy and coffee still deserve a nod of reciprocation!

Since I was a little girl my Momma would sit me down after certain Holidays and I would pen Thank You notes to friends and family. To this day it is still my routine to sit and pen notes of Thanx and one that I hope I will be able to pass onto my children. Traditions come in all shapes and sizes, but preserving  the truth that comes with handwritten notes is a cherished memory that through the will in ones hand, it will forever stay within someone else’s heart.

If you are one to worry about the cost of these notecards… Fear Not!

YTip: Bargain shop for Thank You’s … The Dollar Store, Marshalls, Target and Michael’s are all wonderful options, where you will be able to snag up packets of Thank You cards for less than $3! Even Better… Sometimes the cards will  even come monogrammed with your initials (first or last) and you didn’t have to pay for shipping and handling ordering them online!

So this Sunday as I sat to pen my notes, all the while making my Etiquette teacher from the 5th Grade quite proud, I realized how valuable it truly is to be appreciative of the little things in life. The value of something as simple as a Thank YOU, can and will have a rippling impact of goodwill on your life…