‘Think Dirty’ For Beauty

Ever wondered what exactly you are putting on your face, body and hair?

Is it clean or packed with chemicals? If so what are those chemicals and do they hurt more than help?

The ‘Thinking Dirty’ app helps you identify the possible risks of certain beauty products.

All you do is either type in the name of the product or scan the label then you’ll found out how “dirty” it is.

You’ll find out the carcinogenicity of a product, developmental & reproductive toxicity, as well as the allergenicity or immunotoxicity level it has.

At the top right corner of your screen, you’ll get a number 1 through 10. Ten being the most “dirty” an item can be and 0 being the most clean.

If you get a high number for any of the products, you can flip through the tabs to get other suggestion for products which have a lower number.

So take on the challenge and “Think Dirty” for beauty.

Find out what you’re putting on you.