On Gift-Giving & Recieving

So you may or may not have almost been done with Christmas, but amid the hustle and bustle, do not forget what it’s all about.

For those giving a gift,  remember it doesn’t have to be perfect or super expensive. Its about the message it sends.

It’s not about the physical gift, but the love, respect and appreciation for that person. Did you get them that shows them that? Essentially, is there love behind the gift-giving?

For those getting a gift,  don’t obsess about whether you’ll get the gift you really want. If you don’t get it, you can always get it for yourself.

Instead, focus on the thought and work it took to get that gift for you. Did that person put love and time into getting you that gift?

If so, then make sure you show them your appreciation and thankfulness for it.

Just remember it’s not about the gifts, but spending time and appreciating those you love.

Happy Holidays from TheYLife!