Spring My Rolls…


If your Winter Wonderland is not so wonderful and you are contending some fun within the confines of a fabulous Friday Night at Home… @TheYLife has your perfect solutions for your @Home Date Night!

5 @ Home Date Night Idea’s:

1. Movie Night!

A perfect afternoon activity to keep you and your boyfriend/girlfriend entertained is catch up on some of the ol’ classics… For a little Romance, maybe ‘You’ve Got Mail’… ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’… For some holiday cheer ‘Christmas Vacation’… And for some good laughs let your boy pick one of his favorites!

2. Wine Tasting…

Why not take it up a notch, go on Pinterest or The Google, and find some perfect pairings for 3 or 4 Bottles you may have in the house… Create your own wine tasting Menu for you and your beau!

3. Gingerbread House:

Why not do something cute and fun that will make you feel like you are back in Middle School? Here is a thought, build a Gingerbread House with your significant other… Nothing like some sugar coating to help let the guards down if you just started dating and remind you of young puppy love, if it’s been a while!

4. Wrap Holiday Presents...

The bit of Holiday Cheer we all kind of dread is wrapping all of those presents! Well put your boy to work helping tie ribbons and bows, writing our name tags and making some cider to set the mood!

5. Spring Rolls:

Last, but certainly not least COOK Together 🙂 Why not try making a theme inspired dinner — classic Veggie Spring Rolls match perfectly with a simple Veggie Fried Rice! Here is the perfect recipe.

Veggie Spring Rolls:

In a Medium/ High Saucepan Heat:

2 Tbsp. Veggie Oil

1 Pack of Pre- washed Broccoli Slaw

1 Cup Asian Cabbage, shredded

1 Cup Bean Sprouts

3 Tbsp. Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp. Plum Sauce (Or Sweet n’ Sour Sauce)

Sauté Veggie Blend until softened & set aside

Let’s Wrap…

Flour your cutting board and begin to lay out your wrappers

1 Pack Pre-Made Spring/Egg Roll or Wonton Wrappers (Flour based)

With a Cooking Brush gently Glaze the borders of your wrappers with whisked Egg White

Fill wrappers in the Center with Veggie Blend and begin to fold in corners just like a burrito…

Place Fold down for 20 – 25 Minutes at 350 Degrees and Boom your have rolls!