Your Relationship: Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

While they are both elements of difference parts of your life, could it be that both sides seep into each other, affecting each other at least a bit?

Having a professional and a personal life is a must . You can’t just have one. You need both to be successful.

But there’s a balancing act that comes in.

If you spend too much time on work, it could affect your relationship which will make you put your overtime in check.

If you spend too much time worrying about you beau, then you could be losing opportunities and your career suffers.

What to do?

When it come to overworking, ask yourself: Is it worth losing my relationship over?

Take the time to analyze how efficient you are and what you can do to manage your time better. If that is not the issue, take time to talk to your beau about what is going on at work and try to cut a deal on when it’s enough. That’ll help you set boundaries while still being able to overwork.

If you think you may be missing out on opportunities because of your relationship, be honest with yourself. Have you not gone to work events or missed work opportunities because of your beau?

If the answer is yes, put a stop to it. Now.

Next time you have an opportunity at work or for a work event, join in. If you find yourself doubting to delve in, ask yourself why? If it’s because you want to go home to beau then bite the bullet and go to the event. A little gesture can go a long way in your career.

It’s all about balance. Too much attention to one side can hurt the other and while we all struggle with balance on a day to day basis, being aware and consciously making an effort makes a whole lot of difference.