Torrejas Tuesday.. Mimi’s Recipe


Since I was little i have quite the fondest memories of my Grandma/ Abuela, Mimi, working away in the kitchen making all kinds of decadent pastries! Everything across the gamete that meant tradition… Cuban desserts like: Arroz Con Leche, Flan and Torrejas!

They are basically Cuban French Toast LOADED with heavy Cuban Syrup!

Here is the 411 on my Mama’s favorite sweet treat her Mama makes…

Torrejas Tuesday… Mimi’s Recipe:

The recipe starts by setting out to make it about 4 days before, by leaving…

1 loaf of Cuban Bread, on pantry until it hardens and becomes stale and hard as a rock! (A French Baguette could also work as a substitute)

Slice the loaf diagonally, 1 Inch Thick

Dip each slice of bread into milk mixture, followed by Egg Dip.

In a mixing bowl, pour:
1/4 Gallon Whole Milk (3 Cups)
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon, powdered
1 Cup Dry White Wine

Then follow, by dipping milk soaked bread slices into…

In a Mixing bowl with 4 Eggs, Whisked

Fill a pan, with Vegetable Oil,
Fry each slice of bread until browned,
Soak on a paper towel and Rest…

In a large pot boil ingredients to create our syrup…

8 Cups of Water
4 Cups Sugar
2 sticks Cinnamon
2 Anis Seeds

Boil until thickened, estimated 1 hour, the Syrup Mixture will turn into honey like consistency — my Abuela calls it “Al Punto” … She tells me it just needs to get to that point where sugar and water make honey!

Place fried Toast in a large storage container…
Allow the syrup to settle in the pot and pour over fried Toast…

Refrigerate and Enjoy!