Y Millennials Are Changing The Workforce

It’s a 9 to 5 workday and once you leave the building all you think about is getting home for dinner. Not a worry of work in your mind. That was our parents’ and grandparents’ week … not ours.

Fast forward to today… you may get to leave the building at 5  but the work day is never over with constant connection to email and a heavier work load.

With the ever-changing job market and the post-recession workforce, the Generation Y employee has learned to cope with the constant connection to work, longer hours and less pay.

But will it always be this way?

It’s not a coincidence that there are more millennials creating their own luck and companies rather than working in major companies.

Yes, they have great benefits but at what cost.

More and more people from our generation are paying their dues in big companies and then branching out  and taking on their own ventures at a younger age.

And whats been the product of that …hmmm….Facebook, Instagram, Google, along with many other companies in various industries.

While this changing workforce may not be the best it’s been in other generations, Y’s are making sure they’re being valued and even some are braving the entrepreneurial world and creating a new style workplace which values them and gives employees more freedom than in the past.