What does LOVE Mean?!


Sex And The City

This weeks inspiration comes in the form of a little #Flashback to the last Episode of HBO’s Hit series #SexAndTheCity where Carrie vulnerably opens her soul to her Crypto- night and proclaims her all out deepest desire to find THE Love we are all looking for! A friend shared this picture with me today and got me to thinking…

“I’m Looking for Love.
Real Love.
-Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)

But what do these words mean?!
What is Ridiculous, Inconvenient and Consuming LOVE … And When do you know you can’t live without someone–
How do you know– are there signs or does love appear like magic?

Do the Butterflies in your tummy explain anything, you wonder… It can only mean one of two things the nerves from the paradox of LOVE meets anxiety and excitement at fork in the road of passion… OR maybe you are stuck in traffic, late to the date and Starving!

What I have learned thus far along the road, is that LOVE is not just part of the journey–it’s a journey all its own. It’s NOT a sickness with a known cure and it need a hunger that desires to be fed with constant Fervor- once you open up your heart to it, the stain with stay imprinted once and forever more.

The key is not just being capable to be open to LOVE… LOVE lies in the ability of another to be open to your truth- the truth that shines when the world is spinning, but your axis of truth is standing stiller than ever!