Top Girl Power Books

Everygirl's Guide To Life

The Evergirl’s Guide To Life -Maria Menounos

This book goes beyond the title and helps motivate you to organize your life, work harder and even know who to keep around you to help you be the best you can be. You can read the whole book in order or jump around from chapter to chapter from cooking to makeup to bills. Television star and reporter Maria Menonous dishes out her secrets on how to be fabulous, successful and smart with every aspect in your life.

Yes Please

Yes Please – Amy Poehler 

Comedy star Amy Poehler’s book is funny and inspirational. You get a glimpse into her life and how she ended up being so successful on Saturday Night Live and eventually got her own show Parks & Recreations. Poehler offers advice and funny stories, slowly unveiling the mask of celebrity-dom and getting personal and inspirational with her readers.

Bossy Pants

Bossy Pants – Tina Fey 

Speaking of Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey’s book is also quite inspirational and filled with great advice and anecdotes. Fey gives you a glimpse into how she became the awesomely successful and funny. You get typical Fey language which makes it a fun and inspirational read.

Girl Boss

#GirlBoss – Sophia Amorous

The book gets down and dirty with Sophia Amorous’ life and how she went from a dumpster diver to the head of multimillion dollar clothing company Nasty Gal. She tells you thinks just how they are and just as she experienced them, helping reveal the struggle behind her big company. She shares some good advice and wisdom on how to become a successful and fabulous woman. This book is great for those who want to get a glimpse into what it’s like running a clothing organization or even just some generals on a business. She is real and makes it feel like she’s sitting right in front of you and speaking to you in person about how to be a great #girlboss.

Lean In

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

This is a no fluff book which definitely makes you rethink some of your decisions and actions at work and at home. For those who don’t know who Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating officer of Facebook, ranked as one of the Fortune’s 50 most powerful women and Time’s 100 Most Influential People in business.  In her book Sandberg examines why women’s progress in leadership roles has stalled and what we do to keep ourselves that way. Through anecdotes and simple advice, she gives you the tools you need to be the most successful leader you want to be.