Y Celebrate Día De Los Muertos


Dia de Los muertos means day of the dead but it’s not as morbid as it seems.

It’s a different way of celebrating someone’s life. Instead of being mournful and crying, the LatinAmerican tradition for this day is to celebrate the life or lives of those who passed away with festivals, parties and offerings.

it may seem out of place to celebrate a dead but the whole thing about this November 1st and 2nd tradition is that the dead would be offended by such mourning and sadness so instead they offer them things they used to like to do when they were alive in a happy celebration.

Think of it, would you people constant,y thinking about your death or celebrating your life and leaving you offerings at your grave?

It’s another way of valuing those who were in your life while still. Being respectful.

While it is celebrated throughout Latin America, the tradition originated in Mexico.

Dia de Los muertos is meant to have respect for the circle of life and enjoy doing what those you loved and lost loved to enjoy.

The main sign for this celebration are skulls and skeletons with bright colors. The skeletons are usually celebrating or doing some sort of activity since the whole idea is the dead come back in spirit to celebrate with their loved ones.c

So on this day, remember those who may not be with us physically but in spirit and give them a moment of appreciation sometime during your day.