Balancing Between Overworking & Being Strong

You come in bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to do whatever it takes to get to the next level and become better at your job. Trying to do whatever it is you can to please your boss, hoping it will help you to the top, but what happens when there is a line that gets crossed?

That line between trying your best and feeling overworked? The line when you feel like maybe…just maybe you might be taken advantage of and your work product may be suffering.

Here is how to balance between that very thin line.

  • Think if the extra work you’re doing will help further your career.
  • Is the extra work burning you and making your product suffer?
  • Speak to your boss about your experience and make sure you make it clear you want to help as much as you can but you don’t want your work to suffer.
  • If your boss doesn’t seem receptive, try to work smarter not harder.
  • If things don’t change, work hard when you’re there but a make a clear cut distinction between your work hours and off hours.
  •  If things really don’t change, hold out as much as you can and start looking for another job.

While these are different suggestions, only you know how your boss would react. Don’t become emotional and blurt things out. Think about the wording and what you want rom this conversation. Do not take anything personally but be firm in what you feel you need to do the best work for your boss.

Good luck!