Roles Women Get Stuck In

The Homemaker
This role is also an option for many women’s and should not be looked down upon. Raising a family and taking care of the home is something to take pride in and yes it is a job. BUT some ladies often feel that they have to do both. Kick ass at work work and be the best at taking care of the home. This causes a dangerous cycle of running around to finish everything and never giving yourself time. Please know you don’t have to do everything. Come to terms with that and know you may be giving up being perfect everything but in exchange you give yourself some loving.

The Perfect Girlfriend
You don’t have to be understanding about everything. Do not be afraid of voicing when you need something or when you don’t like something. Often, by trying to be the cool girlfriend, your needs may be being pushed aside not to mention your feelings. Those are things which may build up and cause you to lash out in other ways. Pick your battles but don’t stump your needs and feelings.

The Work Martyr
Do your best. You don’t have to throw yourself in the line of fire and sacrifice yourself all the time. You won’t be able to help anyone especially yourself that way. Learn how to do your job well and do the best you can but know how much you can handle without sacrificing the quality of your work.

The Mother
It’s not what you think. If someone gets preggers, the obvious they will have the pride and how of taking care of their child. I am talking about women who feel pressure to have kids because they are females. While they may not voice it, they feel it. The option to have kids is there but it doesn’t mean you have to.