Y Snap me back to A?

YFoodies this week is dedicated to U & finding new recipes that will simultaneously help your body heal in one way or another!

Personally I am quite the SEAFOOD fanatic, there is just something sooo fresh about the gifts our ocean has for us. Red Snapper is not just a soft, flaky and moist delectable white fish… BUT it is also quite a low-calorie and lean source of protein! Snapper is high in nutrients such as Selenium, Vitamin A, Potassium and Omega-3 fatty acids!

Delve a little deeper and you will discover the Vitamin A, found in certain fish is vital for the immune system to perform at its best; aiding the production and maintenance of bones and improving the health of our skin and eyes are just some of benefits that come in toe with increased Vitamin A absorption.
If that weren’t enough, it also plays a role in cell reproduction and differentiation, which can in turn prevent the growth of BAD cells!

Snapper, like many other fish i.e. Tuna, may contain unsafe mercury levels; these levels can hinder women who are pregnant, in addition to young children who eat fish more than a few times a month!

Papa’s Tuscan Caper Snapper:


2 LBS. Fresh Snapper, filleted

Lightly Coat Snapper with Brown Rice Flower

In a Saucepan at Medium/ High, heat 3 Tbsp. Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pan Fry Snapper 4 – 5 Minutes on Each Side, until Coating turns Golden Brown

Plate and Enjoy this unforgettable dish!