Y Every YWoman Needs 2… COOK!

Y Every YWoman Needs 2…Know how to COOK!

Yes, you read right… I know one of you will say this thought is vintage, aged and even antiquated… but it is actually MUCH more than that!

The idea of a woman in the kitchen is not a hindrance to keep the YWoman from pursuing her dreams… by locking her into the Home E.C. duties of familial responsibility! I understand how due to our history some relate the ideals of Working In The Homestead to trading the hard work of the Feminist Movement at the cost of her future. You see it is much more than that… It’s very easy to assume that being in the age of making ‘Reservations’ instead of Rigatoni, means there is absolutely no reason to hone your talents in the kitchen. But, women cannot run from that feeling of validation within their human spirit of womanhood, fueled by the adherent ability to provide for those around you… Right?

So this week @TheYLife we thought it the perfect time to share with YWomen some Easy Peasy Recipes… Which are not only healthy, but also fast and furious!

Today’s Sunday Spiration Scramble comes from making the perfect Breakfast 4 Dinner!


Sunday Spiration Scramble:

Start off your Sunday Scramble by heating 2 Tbsp. Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a frying pan…

1/2 Cup White Onions, Minced

A Dash of Kosher Salt

3/4 Cup of Mushrooms, sliced

2 Eggs, Whisked Well with Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

Pour your Beaten Eggs over your onions and Mushrooms– let cook for 2 Minutes, before gently beginning to fold Eggs into a Scramble

Add: 1/4 Cup Tomatoes, Diced and De-Seeded

1 Cup of Arugula

Top with Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Cover and allow flavors to Settle for 3 Minutes off the heat!

Finish off with Slices Avocado

Pair with a glass of OJ & Presto… It’s Breakfast for Dinner!