The BUN Is Back!


Yes, yes YLadies… That 90s BUN you grew up wearing to Ballet class is back in full force!

Whether it’s a twisted ballerina, messy twirl, top-knot, braided, fishtail, doughnut, sock and the cotton candy … BUNS come in all shapes and sizes to finish off the look on any outfit! From #Pinterest to #People BUNS are all the Buzz…

Here is the best YTip: Purchase a round, plastic bun mold the next time you are at H & M or even Walmart… Slip the doughnut BUN mold onto your pony tail… Spin and Pin! And you have the BEST looking home-made BUN possible!

But Y a Bun?!

Buns can help you look classically appropriate for work at 5 AM and they can just as easily transform into a perfect accoutrement for an evening out on the town, whether that be 7 O’Clock cocktails or Midnight rendezvous!

This up-do is also the most exceptional style for dirty hair! Yes, I know it is that faux pas that none of us like to speak of… But know it is there… And you tease and spray and try to fray away, BUT those greasy roots only seem to be disguised with the magic of the BUN!

So don’t fret when you are in a bind… Just lean your head over, comb and twirl!